• Elder Ken Regnier

     My family:

    I am a widower and was married 22 years. Between us we have 3 children and 4 grandchildren. We were both single after previous marriages, so I can identify with, and support, those who are going through relationship problems. It is God’s grace that gave us both a new and very successful marriage later in our lives. Lord Jesus is first in my life as was also the case for my wife.

    My heart:

    My greatest desire is to be the man that Jesus wants me to be. My love for our triune God is the most important thing in my life. The joy of knowing that I have salvation through faith, and not works, makes me a devoted follower of Jesus. It saddens me to see people struggling with life or treating our great God casually, without devotion to, or understanding who He really is. I have learned that God seeks our highest good, and that we should also seek the highest good for others even if it seems difficult.

    Something random:

    I am retired and life for me is adjusting to my “new normal” since my wife died. I have no relatives in California, with my sister being in Utah and my son in Missouri. I am a “techie’ with a degree in electrical engineering, and my passion was television broadcasting – or things related to that industry. I was also a professional musician (drummer) in my teens and twenties. I now do commercial website design and some computer repair. It keeps me off the streets of bustling downtown Pioneer.