What To Expect

    You'll be greeted at the door by a member of our hospitality team.  They can answer any questions you might have for the morning.  They will give you a morning bulleting as well which will have more information about what happens during the week.


    Where do the kids go?

    After our morning musical worship and prayer, you have the option to send your kids to one of our age appropriate Sunday chasses during Pastor's sermon, or feel free to keep your children with you.  It's OK with us if your children wiggle around, jump up and down and make a little noise.  Nursery age little ones will also be invited to the nursery where there are toys and treats for them.  Don't worry our nursery moms or grand-moms will find you and show you to our nursery for you to check out.

    We think that it's important for families to worship together, so when you arrive just keep your children with you while we sing and pray...after that it's up to you.


    What Should I Wear?

    Come as your are, wear what make you comfortable.  You'll see a jacket and tie or two, but you'll also see plenty of jeans!  In fact, Pastor will likely have his jeans on too.


    Where Should I Sit?

    You're likely hearing a theme by now.  Please come and be comfortable.  Sit wherever you would like.  There is a comfy sofa in the foyer if moms or dads would prefer to sit out there with small children.  You can see and hear everything from there.  Again...it's all up  to you.