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    Live Streaming from Community Church Pine Grove

    We are now live streaming Sunday services.
    Click on the title above to reach our page on Vimeo,
    where all streaming sermons are available.


    Sermons and Lesson Videos from Pastor Bud

    Messages from Pastor Bud, prior to live streaming, are on YouTube and can also be heard by
    selecting the "Resources" menu tab and "Listen" sub menu.
    Here are direct links to YouTube without using the website player: (March 2020 - January 2021)


    1. 3/20/20: Introductory Message
    2. 3/22/20: A Mighty Fortress Is Our God   /    Sermon Outline and Questions
    3. 3/24/20: Tuesday Devotional  /  Psalm 1, Part 1
    4. 3/26/20: Thursday Devotional  /  Psalm 19
    5. 3/29/20: Diverse and Strange Teachings  /   Sermon Questions and Scriptures
    6. 3/31/20: Tuesday Devotional /  Psalm 23