• To Our Congregation,

    The Health authorities have OK'd our return to gathering on Sunday with some modifications of course.  I won't bore you with all the details, but here's what you can expect should you decide to gather with us on Sunday morning.

    1. The place has been disinfected from head to toe.  Barbara has done a marvelous job wiping everything down for us and she will continue to do that each week after services as well.
    2. The chairs have been separated in pairs 6 feet apart.  Families or friends that need more than two chairs together are free to move them to suit their needs.
    3. Health authorities are recommending the wearing of masks.  This is a recommendation so please know that not everyone will be wearing a mask in all likelihood, so figure that into your decision making.
    4. We will not be passing an offering plate, you can make your offering when you exit.
    5. We will not be making available pew bibles or hymnals, we don't use them much anyway, Kip will have it on the screen for you.
    6. PLEASE.  If you feel at all sick, please stay home.
    7. There will be a video option for you should you decide  not to attend in person. STAYING HOME IS PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE.  You must decide for yourself what is best for you.
    8. Please continue to recognize safe distancing while we gather.  You may be OK shaking hands or hugging, but not everyone is, so greet one another with a wave.
    9. There is a recommendation that we limit singing.  We're leaving that one up to you as well.  We will sing I'm sure, so you should know that as well as you make your decision whether or not to attend.
    10. PRAY, PRAY, PRAY.  Come all prayed up.

    Call me should you have any questions, 209 295-3731

    Pastor Bud