• Our Sermons

    Title Scripture Speaker Date Series
    The First Communion: Why We're Here Mark 14:12-31 Pastor Bud Inman 2018-08-05 Gospel of Mark
    Extravagant Love Mark 14:1-11 Pastor Bud Inman 2018-07-29 Gospel of Mark
    End Times Mark 13:1-37 Pastor Bud Inman 2018-07-22 Gospel of Mark
    Discipleship Summed Up Mark 12:38-44 Pastor Bud Inman 2018-07-15 Gospel of Mark
    Putting Jesus First Mark 12:28-40 Pastor Bud Inman 2018-07-08 Gospel of Mark
    The Sum Of All Things Mark 12:28-34 Pastor Bud Inman 2018-07-01 Gospel of Mark
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