• Not All Alike


    We are a church family that glorifies God together!  We believe we can do that as we  "Reach Up"  to God in meaningful worship;  "Reach Deep"  into God's Word for all that it offers; comfort, challenge, meaning and direction for our lives;  "Reach In"   toward a connection with God's family in mid-week house churches; and  "Reach Out"   in creative and helpful ways to our region and world that needs the love of Jesus Christ.

    We are a praying church.  Prayer is a strong part of who we are. You can sign up for prayer prompts whereby you will receiver three text messages or e-mails a day calling you to prayer.  As you pray you can know that your church family is praying with you wherever you are.

    We invite all to come as you are and find a compassionate place to be yourself and maybe even find yourself as we examine God's truth together.  We think you'll find a family of Jesus followers who are authentic people who know what it means to struggle with life and who know what it means to hold onto faith .... imperfectly but we hope, progressively better over time.